Our Mission

To provide individual Social Security education and claiming analysis for your particular circumstances; to examine available assets and plan for expenses in a way that provides a secure cash flow throughout your retirement years.  Our goal is to make you feel excited and happy about the future!

After exploring our website and also checking out the FAQs, if you have more questions or would like additional information, please email us for a initial phone consultation and to learn more about how our services might help you plan for a secure retirement.

why we can help

  • Over eight years of experience providing Social Security education, consulting, and analyses for individual clients, financial and accountant professionals

  • Author of Social Security white papers, webinars, seminar presentations and articles in various financial publications

  • Individual groups and conference speaker

  • Specializing in women's Social Security income planning and retirement

  • Registered Social Security Analyst, RSSA;

  • Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, CRPC;

  • CPE/CE Instructor

  • Your passionate advocate for creating a solid retirement foundation

Our services

Social Security Analysis

Our Social Security analysis consists of an initial free consultation call or meeting; discussion of all relevant information related to the client’s Social Security claiming decision; software analysis to determine filing age(s) that yields the maximized lifetime benefit amount, highest annual income, and highest survivor income for couples; a review of reports and summary spreadsheets and further analysis of any other alternative dates clients would like to consider. Final deliverables include PDF report(s) and summary spreadsheet of all claiming ages considered.

retirement cash flow Analysis

Our Retirement Cash Flow analysis also starts with an initial free consultation call or meeting. The Social Security analysis is included in this service and used to separately determine the initial optimal claiming ages clients will use. Clients then complete the income, assets and expenses forms used to set up the software cash flow analysis. The service is a multi-step process of analysis, review of reports, edits and further analysis. Deliverables include the final PDF software analysis report and a detailed summary spreadsheet, referenced to the report pages, to help clarify annual income and expenses for the duration of the client’s retirement years.